How Bronze Age man enjoyed his pint

From the BBC: How Bronze Age man enjoyed his pint

Two archaeologists have put forward a theory that one of the most common ancient monuments seen around Ireland may have been used for brewing ale.

Fulacht fiadh — horseshoe shaped grass covered mounds — are conventionally thought of as ancient cooking spots

But the archaeologists from Galway believe they could have been the country’s earliest breweries.

To prove their theory that an extensive brewing tradition existed in Ireland as far back as 2500BC, Billy Quinn and Declan Moore recreated the process.

After just three hours of hard work — and three days of patiently waiting for their brew to ferment — the men enjoyed a pint with a taste of history attached. [continue]

This is my kind of archaeology!

There’s more information on the Great Beer Experiment section of Declan Moore’s website. Don’t miss the photo gallery.

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