Ancient Byzantine church discovered in Tiberias

The Israel Antiquities Authority reports that an ancient Byzantine church has been found in Tiberias.

In the Israel Antiquities Authority‚Äôs excavations in Tiberias a Byzantine church was exposed that is paved with polychrome mosaics decorated with geometric patterns and dedicatory inscriptions. Appearing in one of the inscriptions is the text: "Our Lord, protect the soul of your servant…" (Our Lord=Jesus). The discovery, which was uncovered in the heart of the ancient Jewish city, refutes the theory that the Jews of Tiberias prevented the Christians from establishing a church in the middle of their neighborhood.

In excavations that were carried out by the Antiquities Authority in Tiberias impressive and unique finds were uncovered that shed light on the history of the ancient city. The excavations were conducted over the course of the last three months at the request of Mekorot, as part of a project that involves the installation of a sewage pipeline and the transfer of the waste water treatment facility from Tiberias to the southern part of the Sea of Galilee.

The finds that were exposed date from [continue, see photos]