Venezuela’s four-legged mobile libraries

From the Beeb: Venezuela’s four-legged mobile libraries.

Chiquito and Cenizo greet me with a bit of a snort and a flick of the tail.

Mules are too tough to bother being sweet. They do a hard job which no other animal or human invention can do as well.

But these mules are rather special.

They are known as bibliomulas (book mules) and they are helping to spread the benefits of reading to people who are isolated from much of the world around them. [continue]

One thought on “Venezuela’s four-legged mobile libraries

  1. NPR did a story, in the past year or so, on a similar program in the appalachia. I was a bit surprised to learn that there are still places that remote in the eastern U.S., but apparently there are. I tried to search for the story w/o success.
    You do great work!

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