Ancient Roman baths unearthed

From Ancient Roman Baths Unearthed.

A large 2nd-century bath complex believed to be part of a wealthy Roman’s luxurious residence has been partially dug up, archaeologists said Thursday.

The exceptionally well-preserved two-story complex, which extends for at least five acres, includes ornate hot rooms, vaults, changing rooms, marble latrines and an underground room where slaves lit the fire to warm the baths.

Statues and water cascades decorated the interiors, [continue]

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  1. I’ve always wished I could live in a Roman-style villa, with interior courtyards and gardents and ponds, rooms arout the periphery, tiled mosaic floors, walls adorned with frescoes. I live in a part of the country where such a building style would be appropriate to the climate. Alas, not to my pocketbook, however.

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