Treasure found in 2,500 year old tomb

From the Times of India: Treasure found in 2,500 year old tomb.

Chinese archaeologists excavating a 2,500-year-old tomb in east China’s Jiangxi province have discovered a well-preserved body, many pieces of bronze, gold, silver items and porcelain and jade from one of the 47 coffins discovered.

The tomb, in Lijia village in Jing’an county, is 16 metres long, about 11.5 metres wide and three metres deep. It is believed to date back to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-221 BC).

It is the largest group of coffins ever discovered in a single tomb and the excavation has been dubbed “the most important archaeology project of the year” by cultural experts. Nine coffins were opened by archaeologists earlier because they were rotten and partly destroyed by tomb robbers. [continue]