Chocoholics have new tool to find their next fix

From Chocoholics have new tool to find their next fix.

A new Canadian service is providing a treasure map for chocolate lovers that instantly allows sweet-toothed travellers to locate the nearest place to get their next fix.

Charting the world’s chocolate shops using Google Maps technology, also gives users access to a brief description of each destination, allows them to read or write reviews of the various shops and plot their own favourite chocolate sources in cities across the globe.

The free site isn’t a sinister product of "some powerful chocolate lobby set out to weaken our resistance to the wundertreat," as online travel writer Amanda Kludt first suspected. The interactive map is sponsored by Vancouver-based Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts, whose founder Pam Williams views it as a Good Samaritan outreach of sorts – a way to ensure no hunger for cocoa is left unsatisfied. [continue]