Lego harpsichord

From Lego Harpsichord.

With the exception of the wire strings, this instrument is entirely constructed out of LEGO parts–the keyboard, jacks, jack rack, jack rail, plectra, soundboard, bridge, hitch pins, tuning pins, wrestplank, nut, case, legs, lid, lid stick, and music stand are all built out of interlocking ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) plastic bricks and related pieces.

And is playable. [continue, see photos, listen to sound sample]

One thought on “Lego harpsichord

  1. Well, the mp3 file proves it’s playable, but a stradivarius it’s not. Still, a remarkable achievement. Oh, to have that much spare time….

    I liked his funny comment about thanks to his friend Mike Wong, who bumped into it, thereby proving how stable it is.

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