Irena Sendler

From the Guardian: Holocaust Hero Faces Belated Celebrity.

The pilgrims keep coming, seeking out the fragile 97-year-old woman in her tiny nursing home room filled with pictures and flowers.

The attention tires Irena Sendler sometimes. She never sought credit for smuggling 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto anyway. Not for risking execution to save other people’s children, or holding out under torture by the Nazis, or enduring decades as a nonperson under the communist regime that followed. [continue]


2 thoughts on “Irena Sendler

  1. What an amazing lady, if all the world would have half the heart this lady have, it would be so peaceful, she change the life of many people, and now the 4 girls that is saying her story can make a difference too, how much love can do so many wonderful things in life……I Bless you all and may G-d Bless Irena Sendler, I am a catholic lady and my best friend is a jewish man, but we are human in difference body and mind, and that does not make us different at all, bless this world and be grateful for what we have and what we can do for others and love one and others…….thats all we need …..LOVE

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