Divers discover oldest wooden anchor

From LiveScience.com: Divers Discover Oldest Wooden Anchor.

The world’s oldest wooden anchor has been discovered embedded in muck on the sea floor of an ancient Turkish port off the Aegean Sea.

Dating from the end of the 7th century B.C., the anchor likely detached from a ship traveling to or from the Greek colony of Klazomenai, near the modern Turkish port city of Urla.

Part of the port slid into the sea during a natural disaster soon thereafter, the researchers said, burying the anchor in 5 feet of sediment.

"Urla is a very ancient site that has been excavated before," said study leader Michal Artzy, of the University of Haifa’s Institute for Maritime Studies in Israel. "There was never a question that there was a natural disaster here at some point, probably an earthquake."

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