Meatloaf for mourners

Jewish customs fascinate me, so I was pleased to stumble across this article about sitting shiva. From Meatloaf for Mourners.

We had been going to Kesser Israel for about six months when Leslie’s father died. Not knowing what to do for her, I called and asked. "Do you guys need anything? Dinner or…"

Her husband saved me, "No, thanks, we’re fine."

I was off the hook, that is, until I heard that people were visiting Leslie while she sat shiva, the seven days of Jewish mourning. Cold as it may sound, I was not in the habit of doing things for people I wasn’t close to. I was a good friend to my friends, and I did volunteer work for strangers, but this in-between status threw me. I forced myself to visit her, unsure of what I should do or say.

As I approached Leslie’s door, I saw [continue]

2 thoughts on “Meatloaf for mourners

  1. I was touched by the article. It was more than just a recitation of the customs of sitting shiva; it was a communication of feelings and ideals and attitudes of a people as well. The author did a beautiful job of getting them across without didactic pomposity.

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