Rooting out bad language with a unicorn

From Rooting out bad language with a unicorn.

The Unicorn Hunters were founded in 1971 by W.T. Rabe, Thomas, and other LSSU faculty and staff to encourage and regulate the hunting of unicorns. The regulations define the unicorn hunting season — "All days of the year except St. Agnes’ Eve" — and list the "Approved Questing Devices: Unicorns may be taken with: (1) Serious Intent (2) Iambic Pentameter (3) General levity (4) Sweet talk."

The Unicorn Hunters disbanded in 1987, but the events they created – and their spirit – live on. The LSSU community still celebrates the first day of spring by burning a snowman. The International Stone-Skipping Tournament takes place each year on nearby Mackinac Island.

World Sauntering Day is June 19 on the calendar. Well, it is on my calendar, which hangs next to my "Unicorn Questing License" signed by "Peter Thomas, Director, Dept. of Natural Unicorns."

The group’s best-known tradition is the posting of the annual "List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness." Along with each word or phrase is the nominator’s rationale for banishment.

The first list, in 1976, banned "input" ("Has unfortunately replaced ‘contribution.’ ") and "at this point in time." ("Why not just say ‘now’?") [continue]