French beekeepers brace for Asian sting

From French Beekeepers Brace for Asian Sting.

Ambushing locals as they return home from work, foreign invaders are dismembering French natives and feeding them to their young.

This horror scenario is playing out in France’s beehives, where an ultra-aggressive species of Asian hornets – who likely migrated in pottery shipped from China – may be threatening French honey production. [continue]

2 thoughts on “French beekeepers brace for Asian sting

  1. Oh, no, yet another assault on our little buzzy friends. Is it true that we would last only 4 years if the bees stopped pollinating food source plants? Hmmm…2008 + 4 = 2012. Wasn’t there something about Mayan calendar/calculator and 2012 ?

  2. Once again, facinating. I’ve witnessed hornets capture flies and dismember them. I can’t imagine a species that’s more even more agressive than what I witnessed.

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