BabelDisc: Linux for technophobes?

From CNET: BabelDisc: Linux for technophobes?.

A new Linux distribution designed to be as user-friendly as possible went into beta testing Tuesday.

BabelDisc, the brainchild of U.K. Internet pioneer and Pipex founder Peter Dawe, is a lightweight Ubuntu-based distribution that runs only from a CD and does not even require the host PC to have a hard drive, opting instead for subscriber-based hosted storage.

Dawe, speaking to ZDNet UK Wednesday, said BabelDisc was suitable for a variety of users, not the least of whom are technophobes. "It is pretty much designed for people’s mothers — certain users want to switch it on and want it always to look the same," he said, noting that many people are scared of computing because unpredictability "undermines their confidence."

"We are targeting the 60 percent of the population that are unhappy using computers," Dawe said, “but some of the other 40 percent will also find our proposition attractive because they’re fed up with being the unpaid support engineers for Microsoft." [continue]