Proof of the brain’s link with religion?

From Proof of the Brain’s Link with Religion?.

One woman explains her nonsensical ability to "speak in tongues" as the voice of the Holy Spirit, which she says takes over her body. She tells us, "It’s like I’m here with you, but I’m somewhere else. And you don’t want to leave that place because you can kind of forget your surroundings and go to that place."

But her emotional, out-of-body feeling may be helped by her most rational organ – her brain.

In his newest studies, Dr. Andrew Newberg at the University of Pennsylvania found our brains change, seeming to enhance the religious experience we want. For people speaking in tongues, blood flows out of the frontal lobe of the brain, the part that controls our sense of self.

Dr. Newberg said, "So I find it fascinating that the part of the brain that normally makes us think we’re in control, in fact the part of the brain that usually helps us with language and the production of language, all of these areas decreased in people speaking in tongues. " [continue]