Greek archaeologists discover rare Roman ruins

From Reuters: Greek archaeologists discover rare Roman ruins.

Greek archaeologists discovered a Roman tomb filled with glass, copper and gold artefacts and an amphitheatre on the island of Cephalonia, which they say must have been an important link between ancient Greece and Italy.

"It is the first time such a monument is discovered, not only in Cephalonia but in all the Ionian Sea islands," the culture ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

The tomb, which included more than one grave, measures about 8 by 6 metres (yards) and included glass jars, clay pots, gold jewellery, copper items and coins, it said.

"It is a touching detail that the [continue]

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  1. Fascinating article. Many of those small islands are not very high and I would expect them to be inundated by rising sea level in the next few decades. Archaeologists should focus on them while they can. IMHO

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