Cavemen preferred full-figured ladies

From Cavemen preferred full-figured ladies.

Thin may be in now, but prehistoric men 15,000 years ago prefered full-figured gals, suggest dozens of flint figurines excavated from a Paleolithic hunting site in Poland.

Since almost identical depictions have been found elsewhere throughout Europe, the figurines indicate a shared artistic tradition existed even then.

The findings are published in the current issue of the journal Antiquity.

Co-author Romuald Schild explained that the artifacts offer "a cultural inventory" for the late Magdalenian era (18,000-10,000 years ago).

In the paper, Schild and colleagues Bodil Bratlund, Else Kolstrup and Jan Fiedorczuk describe the carvings as "stylized voluptuous female outlines” that “are cut out of flint flakes." [continue]

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  1. Only a culture which can afford to waste food can admire size zero people; for everyone else, a bit of fat says, “Look, I have resources, I am a survivor.”

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