Safe food for carnivorous pets

By now you’ve heard about the pet food recall, yes? From Owners fear for their pets after huge food recall.

Concern among pet owners is growing as officials look for the source of contamination that prompted the recall of more than 90 dog and cat foods across North America.

The recall by Menu Foods, based in Streetsville, Ont., involves 51 brands of dog food and 40 brands of cat food, including Iams, Nutro and Eukanuba. [continue]

Imagine how you’d feel if your dog or cat were to suffer serious kidney failure or die because of this. Just imagine! So here’s a note on pet diets, which you might think of as a public service announcement.

Why feed commercial pet foods to dogs and cats? Those animals are carnivores, so why not just feed them raw meat on the bone, plus a selection of veggies and fruits? This is what pet owners did for thousands of years before the commercial pet industry came along to sell us things our pets’ wild ancestors would never have considered eating. (How often do you hear of a wolf hunting the wild kibble, adding grains to his diet, or cooking his food?)

If you feed a biologically appropriate raw food diet you’ll know your pet is getting good quality food, and there’s no way that the pet food industry’s nonsense will hurt your pet. Plus you’re likely to have a way healthier animal. No need to believe me, though – check out some the links on this resource page.

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