Can your dog humanize the office?

From the New York Times: Can Your Dog Humanize the Office?.

Take Your Dog to Work began as a quirk of the dot-com boom — another perk that employers could offer to employees to persuade them to stay.

It had been thought that the patter of paws would go the way of casual Fridays and massages at your desk, but, alas, what has been disappearing instead are salary increases, fully funded pension plans and robust health insurance. The dogs, it seems, are here to stay, based on the volume of e-mail that I receive from readers.

This would come as a relief to Riley, my 6-year-old Wheaten, whose day job is to lie at my feet and gaze at me adoringly while I type. (His night job is to lie at the edge of the bed and do pretty much the same thing.) But while his work is in a home office, his comrades-in-paws are in office buildings across the country, and not just as watchdogs any more. [continue]

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