2nd-Temple Jewish town uncovered in Jerusalem

From IsraelNationalNews.com: 2nd-Temple Jewish Town Uncovered in Jerusalem.

In the course of preparing tracks for the new light-rail system in Jerusalem, remains of an ancient Jewish community just north of the Holy Temple have been uncovered.

Rescue digs, required by law before any major construction work in Jerusalem and environs, have found a major set of remains of a Jewish town from post-Second Temple times. A long strip of land, 400 dunams (100 acres) in size, has been uncovered in which can be seen roads, alleys, houses, public buildings, a mikveh (ritual bath), and more.

The community was located east of the old Roman highway leading from Jerusalem to Shechem (Nablus) — roughly along the same route as today’s Shechem Way, or Highway 60.

Evidence shows that the community — the largest from that period yet uncovered in the Jerusalem vicinity — was inhabited by [continue]