Diaries of Darwin’s wife to be published online

From the Telegraph: Diaries of Darwin’s wife to be published online.

The diaries of the wife of naturalist Charles Darwin have been published online.

Emma Darwin’s diaries cover six decades of the couple’s life together and provide an insight into the daily life of the Victorian scientist and his family.

The 60 pocket books were previously known only to a handful of academics familiar with the Darwin archive at Cambridge University Library.

Appointments, family visits and illnesses are all noted in the books.

The first diary is dated 1824 when the then Emma Wedgwood was 16 years old.

She married Charles, her first cousin, in 1839 and kept a diary until the last year of her life. The diaries — which can be viewed at http://darwin-online.org.uk/ — reveal [continue]


2 thoughts on “Diaries of Darwin’s wife to be published online

  1. I’ve only very recently run across your site. I love it! All this interesting info. I can see that I’ll be spending some time in your archives checking out the stories. Thanks.

  2. I’ve always thought it something of an irony that Darwin married his first cousin–usually considered a relationship too close for marriage, consanguinity being a hazard for the possible children.

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