Got milk? Got beer!

From Reuters: Got milk? Got beer!

Great news for beer and milk lovers: A liquor shop owner in Japan’s largest dairy farming region has stopped crying about local spilled milk and started making beer from it instead.

"We came up with the idea after hearing about surplus milk," said Chitoshi Nakahara, head of the Nakahara liquor shop on the northernmost island of Hokkaido.

Milk consumption has been declining steadily in Japan, and Hokkaido disposed of nearly 900 tonnes of milk last March due to over-production, according to the Japan Dairy Association.

Nakahara’s new brew, "Bilk" — a combination of "milk" and "beer" — is about 30 percent milk. It also contains hops, and the production process does not differ much from that of regular beer, he said. [continue]

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  1. I’d be willing to try it if samples were free. I doubt it would be any good, though. I’ve tried chocolate beer (yuck!) and raspberry beer (yuck!) and a few other such things, so I doubt.

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