Jag runs on apples

From Ananova: Jag runs on apples.

A Somerset farmer has converted his Jag so it runs on rotting apple fumes.

Henry Hobhouse, 52, who lives near Castle Cary, packs two underground tanks full of apples and collects the methane gas produced as they rot. [continue]

3 thoughts on “Jag runs on apples

  1. Sorry but I doubt the claim that a 3-litre Otto cycle (4-stroke) Jag can burn “compressed methane” – usually known as CNG, or compressed natural gas – and hit 145 mph, or anything like it. And I suppose he compresses the gas by hand, in order to retain his anorak status on green issues?

  2. Using food to run cars is an incredibly dangerous game. There is not enough agricultural land to provide both food and fuel, and since people with cars seem to be willing to pay any amount to keep rolling, we know who is going to lose that competition for resources. Biofuels is an idea that needs to be stopped before it does major damage. It’s already doing damage where tropical forests are being mowed down to be replaced with oil palm plantations to produce biodiesel. How twisted that we could be causing extinctions in the quest to be “green.”

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