Re-arranging the site

You may have noticed that things are somewhat scrambled around here. Some things are worse: I’ve lost the entire archives from January 2006-2007. Argh! Some things are better, though — perhaps you’ve noticed the odd new feature here and there?

At least I have the pleasure of cancelling my account with Dreamhost, where I used to hosted this site. That’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time.

4 thoughts on “Re-arranging the site

  1. I thought for sure the list of interests would include cookery and geekery…just go together, somehow. I like the site and I certainly understand the satisfaction in being able to say good bye and good riddance to the old hosting company!

  2. Any comments on what the trouble was with Dreamhost? I ask because I’m a customer of theirs, and though I haven’t had any trouble with them, I do seem to have heard a lot of concerned rumblings around the net. Please reply by email if you prefer.

  3. Thanks for the response – I suspect I’ve had an easy ride with Dreamhost because I simply haven’t done enough or had enough traffic to have any real trouble. I’ll keep an eye out and hope for the best.

    And of course, I moved to Dreamhost in the first place because my previous ISP kept breaking stuff, wouldn’t respond to emails, etc…

    Good luck with the new one.

  4. My frustrations with Dreamhost are many, and some date back a long time. The first difficulty was repeated site outages and the attitude of staff towards this problem. Their approach was more or less “well, it’s working again now, so that’s all that matters, right? Who cares that your site was down for hours for the fourth time this month, or that we have no idea why, or that we might not have even noticed if you hadn’t emailed us about it?”

    Then there was Dreamhost’s habit of moving scripts around, so that portions of my site would break unless I re-coded the path. And how about the way that FTP is sometimes absurdly slow? I also hate the admin interface, so that’s another factor.

    Granted, Dreamhost does seem to have improved a lot in the last few years, and I’m happy about that. If you haven’t had any problems, I’d guess that your site is on a different machine from the one where used to live, or maybe you’re just lucky. 🙂 If things work well for you at Dreamhost, I’d say stay put and thank your lucky stars.

    For me, though, I decided that I could use a lot less frustration in my life, so I bailed on Dreamhost when yet one more stupid thing happened. I hope the new webhosting company will be closer to what I’m looking for.

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