World’s smallest Bible found in a boot

From World’s Smallest Bible Found in a Boot.

Around 106 years ago, someone slipped a copy of the world’s smallest complete Bible in a child’s boot and stuffed it into a cottage chimney cavity to ward off evil. Now British archaeologists have identified the book, which a renovator discovered while working on the cottage in central England’s Ewerby.

In addition to the rarity of the book, the find represents one of the most recent instances of anti-witchcraft using a shoe amulet, according to British Archaeology editor Mike Pitts, who reports on the discovery in his latest issue.

The cottage also was part of the [continue]

Thanks to Lane for pointing out this story.

One thought on “World’s smallest Bible found in a boot

  1. I like the last paragraph best of all:

    Daubney said the miniature Bible is in private ownership and likely would not go on exhibit. He believes that it will “be placed back near its original location,” perhaps in hopes of continued protection for the current residents.

    Does that mean that the superstition still has adherents??

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